HERR Story



Established in August 2020, HERR was created during the midst of a pandemic when a need for DIY products became necessary to maintain self-care. Our main priority is to provide products that are convenient and affordable, yet luxurious and top-notch quality. HerrLash DIY Lash Extensions are at the forefront of this business and you won’t find a better lash in this neck of the woods!

As the founder of HERR, I take great pride in

the fact that I have been able to give the freedom of beauty

to each and every one of you. I am a “part-time single parent”,

with a full-time job; I know the challenges

when it comes to finding time for self-care. The added

frustration of booking appointments only to have to cancel

because of childcare or taking 2-3 hours out of an already

tiring schedule is defeating. When I heard about DIY

lash extensions, I had to get my hands on them! There are

so many beautiful DIY lash companies out there but,

unfortunately, the little guy (Canada) did not have

what I was looking for. I saw an opportunity and threw

all my savings into it! And wow, am I ever glad I did!

HERR has become my biggest passion project.

This price point is proof that we are not here for the money, we are here for you!

Our Mission is to guide, support, and empower your lives by delivering quality products at affordable prices.

​Our Vision is to be recognized for the passion that drives us through the most challenging moments, and the dedication to continually deliver great products that everyone can afford.