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Step 1 : Preparation
You will need : Lint free pad, oil-free makeup remover or isopropyl alcohol, lash segments, Herr cluster lash bond, and Scepter.
Remove all makeup using an oil-free makeup remover on a lint free pad. 
Use Prime Time Lash Prep to prepare lashes for application.
Make sure lashes are dry before proceeding.

Step 2 : Apply the Bond. 
It is important to remember less is more.

Apply bond only to underside of lashes, about 1-2mm from waterline. Applying too close will affect the longevity. 

White Adhesive: Dab balls of adhesive along a small strip under lashes. Best for beginners as it dries clear so it is forgiving if an error is made.  Click here for a demonstration. 
Black Adhesive: For more experienced users.
Dab the black wand under the lash along a strip 1-2mm away from the waterline. Wipe off excess bond from the brush and pull the brush through 3/4 of the lash. uUe a clean mascara spoolie to remove excess bond from lashes. 

Wait approximately 30 seconds until the bond becomes sticky.

You can move to the next step while waiting.


DIY Lash Extension Bond

Step 3 : Remove lash segment from package.

This clip will show the proper way to remove lash segment from package and the correct way to hold the lash when applying to the underside of lashes. 

Step 4 : Apply Bond to Lash Segment
This step is optional; however, most users get longer wear by adding this step. Apply the bond on the inside of the band only (the side that will attach to the natural lash, avoid getting the bond on the lashes or the Scepter. 
If bond gets on the Scepter, the lash segment will stick to the Scepter and make it difficult for the segment to attach to your natural lash. This is a common error, don't get discouraged. Once you get used to applying the lashes you will learn the proper placment and amount of bond to use. If the lash segments are sticking to the Scepter, wipe the Scepter clean with alcohol or oil- free makeup remover and start again. 



Step 5 : Apply Lash  
Apply the lash segment to the natural lash. See videos below for different ways to apply. Our lashes are meant to be completely customizable, which means there is not only one way that you apply, you need to find which way works best for you. The main thing to note here is that you are placing the lashes about 1-2mm away from the waterline. Once they are placed, you can hold there for a few seconds and then let go. The lash should stick to the area it was placed. If it pulls off with the Scepter, wipe your Scepter with a wipe and try again. Continue to place segments, slightly overlapping the edges for a seamless application. 


Step 6 : Securing the lash segments 
Once all segments are applied and you are satisfied with the placement, position lashes between the arms of the Scepter and clamp together. This will ensure the lash segments are secure to your natural lash. This is the most important step of the application to ensure longevity. The Scepter is designed to fit the curvature of the eye for this purpose. 



Pro Tips: 

  • Use a tilting magnifying mirror to see the lash line better.

  • Curl your natural lashes.

  • Use Lash Sealant on the arms of the Scepter when securing the lashes to prevent sticking.

  • Do not secure the lashes with the Scepter until you are happy with your placement. 

  • Do not get discouraged if you don't get it right away. You may need a few tries to get the correct angle and placement.

Steps to Remove

  1. Fully saturate a lint-free cotton ball or pad with Pretty In Pink cluster lash remover and gently press down, holding the pad over lashes for about 30 seconds. Lashes will loosen and you can wipe them away. Other brands that work well Marcelle, Equate, Neutrogena dual phase eye makeup remover.

  2. Do not pull if there is resistance. Repeat Step 1 and let the remover do the work

  3. If there is excess residue on the natural lash, apply lash cleansing gel. Let gel sit for 30 seconds and wipe with lint-free pad. 

Note: Adhesive should not be excessive on your natural lash. When applying your segments, adhesive should be mainly focused on the band of the segment and/or the base of the natural lash.

Steps to remove

Steps To Reuse 

  1. Soak in isopropyl alcohol until adhesive becomes tacky.

  2. Excess adhesive on lash segment will be visible. You can rub the adhesive off using cleansing wand.

  3. Reuse segments up to 3 times.

Instruction Videos
White Adhesive
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